If you are a practice owner, clerk or authorised member of staff for a legal firm, or a solicitor or barrister in your own right, you can list your profile on the BeCivil website.

If you have a PDF

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

<aside> 👨‍⚖️ **Why claim a profile?

Find more clients** by appearing higher in the search results for a given area. Really know your provisions of the CPR, or how to advise fashion companies on internationalising their intellectual property, or the provisions to watch out for in a venture-capital subscription agreement? Let us know so you can rank for it.

Get notified of legal trends: eg where demand for services outstrips supply, helping you to plan your practice’s growth

Move into a new area of interest: express interest in an area of law and we’ll try and place you appropriately in the search results, provided you have the competence to practice in it.

Keep a record of your own of your firms’ areas of expertise: this is helpful for media packs, information to the press and for firms or individuals’ business development.

For individuals joining new chambers, or solicitor firms: all your anonymised experience resides in one place, rather than lost in time or amongst scattered paper in the desk.


Contact [email protected] to claim a profile, including the firm name and URL (if you have found the firm on the website), as well as your role if you represent an organisation. You may be asked to verify your credentials.